Sunny Singh Founder, Doeity & Co.


A 10x machine learning researcher with 1-2 years of experience in applied research | Author of the Python library ”pycolordetector” | An open source contributor at Voila and an author at Analytics Vidya | Editor of The House of Crypto, a Medium publication | One of the Wikimedia Foundation’s IdeaLab Team members | Have trained 50+ ML models on over 1000+ GB data | Co-founded two start-ups: Doeity and Triple S Community | Have proven my mastery in leadership, entrepreneurship, and research with a background in designing corporate strategies | Completed two corporate projects pending from months in weeks at MOSL in 2018 | Interested in devising a better problem-solving method for challenging tasks, and learning state-of-the-art technologies and tools, if the need arises | Looking for a great enthusiastic team to work with that will provide me with interesting and challenging tasks that I can learn from and contribute to | To know more about me try Googling ”Sunny Singh Doeity” |


In a wide range of subject areas, I have analyzed structured and unstructured data to extract actionable business insights. I love to craft stunning and clever visualizations that illustrate surprising results.


I'm strongly convinced that machine learning models should not go to waste in Jupyter Notebooks. Using my software engineering skills, I've built and deployed AI services which create real business value.


I enjoy public speaking, writing professional articles, sharing my knowledge and discussing diverse topics. Thanks to my training and experience in science communication, I'm able to present complex results to a non-technical audience.


Python + Machine Learning + Deep Learning

  • Keras
  • Pandas
  • Flask
  • Scikit-learn
  • TensorFlow
  • Classification
  • Dimension Reduction
  • Boosting Algorithms
  • Reinforcement Learning
  • Natural Language Processing
  • GANs
  • Neural Networks
  • Recommendation Systems
  • Long Short-Term Memory
  • YOLO (You Only Look Once)

Familiar With + Analytical Skills

  • SQL
  • MapReduce
  • Apache Spark
  • Data Processing
  • GPU Computing
  • Applied Research
  • Scenario Thinking
  • Business Intelligence
  • Computational Thinking
  • Competitive Intelligence


President and Founder, Doeity
Nov 2019 - Present · Bhopal, MP ·
  • Doeity is a fast, secure, and easy-to-use cryptocurrency paymentwalletwith a vision to transition the world from old to Programmable Money
  • Developing a software which can accept 1000+ cryptos including Vajra and Libra backed by the Indian Government and Facebook respectively
Junior Software Developer, Revivo
Dec 2018 - Jan 2018 · Noida, UP ·
  • Developed a complete Flask blog ( and introduced marketing strategies resulting in 240% growth in customer base
  • Prompted the company to enter into the software development sector which generated 86% more revenue than the previous strategies
Summer Research Intern, Motilal Oswal Group
May 2018 - Jun 2018 · Mumbai, MH ·
  • Highlighted my 29 research findings on Motilal Oswal and its competitors which later gathered the attention of AVP and CEO of the company
  • Presented my innovative ideas after the audit of 300+ relationship managers and identified branches requiring more attention and training
Business Analyst Intern, The Silence Media
May 2017 - Aug 2017 · Sasaram, BR ·
  • Worked 18-20 hours every week while still a full-time student at my college and assisted CEO with the daily operational functions
  • Employed web analytics to scale from 1K to 5K views/day on the website and contributed in content development, SEO, and lead generation



Getting Started with AWS Machine Learning


Intel AI From the Data Center to the Edge


Google Analytics Individual Qualification


Google Digital Certificate


MSI Project Management Essentials Certificate


MSI Six Sigma White Belt

Featured Projects


Forecasting the Future Traffic to Wikipedia Pages

Predicted the future web traffic for approximately 145,000 Wikipedia articles using sequence-to-sequence neural networks

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Life Expectancy Prediction

Computed the average life expectancy of people from 100+ countries using the WHO Global Health Observatory Data and the Linear Regression model

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Generating Poems through Machine Learning

Trained an LSTM model using PyTorch and RNNto generate poems in English by providing 15000+ poems as dataset

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Kaggle Higgs Boson Machine Learning Challenge

Created a machine learning model to classify events into "tau tau decay of Higgs boson" versus "background noise"

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COVID-19 Live World Dashboard

Created an interactive COVID-19 live dashboard, featured on Voila, using the Johns Hopkins University Dataset

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Selected Publications